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At Great Lakes Pharmacy, we carry ostomy, urostomy, and urinary supplies.

Ostomy – Surgically creating an opening between the intestines and the abdominal wall. Common types of ostomy connect the small intestines or the large intestine to the abdominal wall.

Urostomy – Surgically creating an opening in the belly to redirect urine away from a bladder that is not properly functioning.

We have options

We carry both internal and external catheters.


If the bladder doesn’t empty itself, urine builds up, adding pressure to the kidneys. The pressure can cause kidney failure, which can result in permanent kidney damage. When a patient can’t empty their bladder, catheters are used to resolve this.

A urinary catheter is tube that re-routes urine from the bladder to a drainage bag. Urinary catheters come in many sizes, materials, and types. Catheters might be needed a short time or permanently.

Pick Up or Have Us Order It For You!

The main brands of ostomy and urostomy products we carry are Convatec, Coloplast, Bard, Hollister, and Smith & Nephew.

  • Convatec
  • Coloplast
  • Bard
  • Hollister
  • Smith & Nephew

Require a Specific Brand or Size?

We routinely order specific products for patients so you can get the exact item your doctor recommended for your unique health needs. Call or stop by the pharmacy to find out which specific items we can provide for you.

Providing the Best Supplies Possible

We know you want the best care. Whatever urinary supplies you need, we have you covered. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. That’s what we’re here for! We look forward to seeing you at our pharmacy and providing you with high-quality supplies to support the best healthcare outcomes. Trust Great Lakes Pharmacy for all of your urinary supplies!

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