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Incontinence Undergarments

Incontinence Aids | Great Lakes Pharmacy | Midland MIYou are not alone when it comes to personal bladder problems.  Incontinence issues may be temporary (as a result of a surgery or condition) or they may be permanent.  At times a condition may impede a person’s ability to enjoy life they way they would prefer.  Interruptions to take frequent bathroom breaks or accidents can take way the enjoyment you deserve.

Incontinence is a medical condition that often requires you to consult with your physician.  There may be a variety of reasons for your condition.  Some are treatable in the short term and some may require a more permanent plan for treatment.


Great Lakes Pincontinence undergarment brandsharmacy in Midland offers protective underwear from light, moderate, heavy and overnight absorbency.  We offer three different styles from briefs that fasten, pull-ups, and washable underwear – and they come in sizes – extra small,  small, medium, regular and large.